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Från USA kommer ganska ofta båtar med stilfulla linjer och här är också dagseglare ganska vanliga.

Från välkända konstruktörsfirman Sparkman & Stevens kommer en moderniserad 30-fots version av en lyckad träbåt från 1935 kallad Babe.

Babe II är byggd i vinylester och har ett par fyra kojplatser, ett litet pentry och en toalett med en frostad glasruta för avskiljdhet.

Längd 9,3 meter, bredd 2,5 meter, djup 1,7 meter och runt 45 m2 segelyta. Pris okänt.


Så här skriver varvet själva om bakgrunden:
Our founder and long-time Chief Designer, Olin J. Stephens II passed away in 2008 at the age of 100. Earlier that same year, our team had been working with him on a design that he saw as his  dream project. It was inspired by one of his all-time favorite projects – a 30’ wooden sloop built in 1935 for the Miami-Nassau race, Babe.

The yacht was cutting-edge for the time, with a plumb bow and “cut-off” stern, as described by Rod Stephens. A well-defined keel and generous sail plan made her a competitive sailing boat, with very simple accommodations and minimal live-aboard comforts.

The re-design was to be a traditionally built wooden boat, with double-planked construction and painted canvas decks. Design 0097-c1 was fully developed for a one-off build, with bronze deck hardware and custom portlights.

We at S&S, felt the simplicity and back-to-basics approach that Olin took on the Babe project was a rare characteristic in yacht design today, where complex systems, hotel quality comforts, and skyrocketing build costs rule the roost. A return to the basic, reliable, yet beautiful, family daysailer and  club racer is something for which every sailor in us is secretly looking. So, we have taken the original concept developed with Olin in 2008 and adapted it for a mass-market production run.
Standard FRP construction techniques, off-the-shelf hardware, and bare essential onboard systems,
combined with an affordable price tag, are the primary objectives for this modern boat with a classic

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